Your Stallergenes vaccine

The Stallergenes company informs us that the technical problems related to the production of their desensitization vaccines gradually disappear (the problems were due to some IT problems linked to their new SAP system).
Some of the vaccines will be available in May:

1. The Staloral sublingual way for the following extracts :

Dermatophagus Pteronyssinus          reference 315
D.Pteronyssinus/D. Farinae               reference 350
5 grass mixture                                  reference 688
Betulaceae                                         reference 702
Birch                                                   reference 615
Alder / Birch / Hazel                            reference 752
Cat dander                                          reference 507
Alternaria                                            reference 400
Goosefoot                                           reference 605

will be available from May.

Mixtures are not yet available.
For example:
If you are taking a mix like Grasses 5 / Betulaceae  (50% / 50%), it is not currently available,
However ou can always order them separately ( grass and  betulaceae separated) and take only half the dose, this will give  the same result.

2. Subcutaneous vaccines with delayed effect Alustal and Phostal:
They are not yet available.
We will inform you ASAP when these vaccines will we again be disponible on the market (as soon as we are informed by Stallergenes).

Orders given before March the 1st ,  were unfortunately cancelled by Stallergenes.

You will have to submit a new prescription to your pharmacist.
Dr. Masy and Dr. Delabie are at to your disposal to give you new prescriptions .

For this,  you can contact our secretary at phone number 02/363 12 63.

Remember, also, to come to your annual check with your desensitization plan correctly filled in.

Stallergenes has suddenly  interrupted the production of their vaccines.
Can I stop the desensitization?

1 / We inform and reassure you that there is no problem to suddenly stop the desensitization.

2 / The effect of what was taken is NOT LOST, this is already a first step that enabled you to form blocking antibodies for the future.

The cumulative effect for the 3 years of desensitization should only be catched up with the schedule (e.g. if you lost 6 months, you will have to catch up to 6 months).

2 / All retakes must be made with caution, i.e. very gradually.

Our office is at your disposal to explain how the retake has to occur.
Feel free to contact the secretary at phone number 02/363 12 63.
Each patient is a separate case and needs a separate retake scheme

Text written by Dr. Nadine Masy
University Degree in Allergology (University of Toulouse)
European Certificate in Allergology (European Exam – European Certificate of Excellence in Allergology and Clinical Immunology UEMS / EAACI )